Thursday, March 19, 2009


Myth no. 1: BOTOX ® is dangerous

BOTOX ® has been used since 1987…which means that its effects and side effects…and long term effects…are well known and documented. The use of BOTOX ® is still growing annually, with more than 2.8 million procedures currently being performed on a yearly basis. Studies over a 9 year period have shown no long-term negative effects through the repeated use of BOTOX ® among patients that received 30 injections over a nine year period.

Myth no.2: BOTOX ® will give me that “frozen face” look

Quite the opposite! BOTOX ® restores the balance in the facial muscles and creates that “relaxed” look. By injecting the right amount of BOTOX ®, you can reduce the fine lines and wrinkles and achieve that “soft” look.

Myth no. 3: BOTOX ® is poisonous!

The effects of BOTOX ® are temporary, as the body naturally eliminates the administered BOTOX ® over a 3 to 6 month period of time. Clearly, as with any medication, excessive amounts should be avoided.

Myth no.4: BOTOX ® treatments can cause my eye(s) to droop

Getting your BOTOX ® from an experienced medical professional is the key to minimizing this risk. Studies have shown the risk of this side effect to be less than 2%. As the effect of BOTOX ® is temporary, this effect will wear off in a few weeks, should it occur.

Myth no.5: “I am afraid the injections will be painful”

Here I tread carefully, as we all know that pain is a very personal experience! But to put this into perspective, your BOTOX ® treatment involves a few tiny injections that require no anesthesia. If this is your concern, talk to your clinician before the treatment. They can apply ice or a topical anesthetic, if this is required, although our experience has shown that this is rarely the case.

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