Monday, June 15, 2009

10 Things Damaging Your Skin... that you would never have thought of!

Forbes magazine had a great article about 10 Sneaky Things Damaging Your Skin. It takes a bit of time to work your way through it, so I thought I'd summarize the list below:

Driving without sunscreen

The glass in car windows normally does not block UVA rays, which cause skin aging (UVB rays cause skin to tan or burn.)

Sitting in the Shad
e Without Sunscreen

UV rays reflect off both sand and water, even if you're in the shade.

Wearing Old Sunscreen

Most sunscreens expire after one to three years.

Your Hairstyle

When wearing their hair back or up, women often forget to apply sunscreen on their neck and ears. Parting hair can also cause skin damage on the scalp. There is just no way around it.... Wear a hat!

Thinking Clothing Blocks the Sun

Here's news for you! A typical white T-shirt offers you about a 7 to 8 SPF and then when it gets wet, the sun protective factor goes down to a 3!

Thinking Your Sunscreen is Waterproof

There is a big difference between waterproof and water-resistant sunscreen. It should be reapplied when you exit the water.


Antibiotics and some antihistamines increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. If you are now out in the sun without a good sunscreen, it will cause tissue damage and intensified sunburn.

A Base Tan

Seriously! Who came up with this? The normal way to get a "base tan" is to use a tanning bed. ..and see what THAT does to you!

A Cloudy Day

UVA rays penetrate clouds more readily than UVB rays. So, even when it is cloudy, you are at risk of skin aging and damage.

Not Applying Enough, Often Enough

Most people use less than 50 % of the recommended amount of sunscreen, according to a study published in the Archives of Dermatology.

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