Sunday, June 14, 2009

Even Wonder Woman needs BOTOX!

It seems that no one is immune... to getting a few wrinkles as they age! Even Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) admits to using BOTOX.

IN TOUCH reported in their June edition that, when asked whether she uses BOTOX, Lynda replied that she has a big crease between her eyes, and that's where she does her BOTOX. But she also added that she didn't get so much that her face looks frozen.

In a previous post we covered a number of BOTOX Myths.

Myth no.2: BOTOX ® will give me that “frozen face” look.

Quite the opposite! BOTOX ® restores the balance in the facial muscles and creates that “relaxed” look. By injecting the right amount of BOTOX ®, you can reduce the fine lines and wrinkles and achieve that “soft” look.

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