Monday, June 8, 2009

Skin Care Myths Debunked (Part 2)

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Continuing with our list of popular skin care myths...

Natural and organic products are always better

This just sound so right! really need to be careful. Many natural and organic products commercially available are not what they claim to be. Synthetic products or compounds can actually be identical to those found in nature, and may be more effective. Natural vs. synthetic should not automatically lead to an up or down decision about whether a product is good or bad. Not all chemicals are bad, and not all natural or organic ingredients are good... so do take the extra time to do your homework.

A suntan will clear up my acne

Have you forgotten that "tanning is skin cells in trauma, trying to protect themselves from cancer?" You're more likely to do serious damage to your skin. In the MedSpa, certain light-based treatments use the blue light frequency of the visible spectrum to eliminate acne. However, this is a much more controlled process than lying with your face in the sun! And here's another question to ponder: Does the sun's intense light (from the total spectrum, including the feared UVA and AVB rays) and the heat flush out the sebum to clear acne, or does it produce more oil to clog pores?

If you're a tanner, you're risking skin cancer. But not only that.... you are also prematurel
y again your skin. There are quite a number of effective acne treatments, but sun tanning is not one of them!

At Sona you can control Acne with light-based treatments utilizing Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT), killing acne-causing bacteria by interrupting the metabolic process. Treating active acne in its early stages minimizes the potential for scarring.

We will continue this series and expose more Skin Care myths in Part 3.

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